Bitumen Flat Roofing Glasgow


Protection against the elements. With proper installation and maintenance, that’s exactly what a bitumen flat roof can provide.


In our considerable experience, bitumen flat roofs have proven to be one of the most widely purchased styles on the market. If you go for a drive in any nearby town or city, you’ll see more bitumen flat roofs than you can count.


With tradition comes experience. We’ve installed a huge number of bitumen flat roofs, so you can trust us to get things right.




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How does this offer protection?

Consisting of multiple felt layers, protection against the elements is provided by this tight, dense felt barrier.

The durability of the roof goes hand-in-hand with the impenetrable nature of bitumen roofing. Rainwater simply won’t get past the felt barrier – protecting your roof for decades.

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Roof repair and maintenance

In a perfect world, roofs would last forever and roof repairs would be entirely redundant. As the Scottish weather isn’t the best, there will always be scenarios where roof damage can’t be avoided.

During periods of extreme weather, any roof can suffer from structural damage. That’s why roofing contractors are always so busy after storms have passed. If you find yourself in that position, contact the experts at Albion Roofing straight away. We can fix any problem with bitumen flat roofs, and have done so year-in and year-out

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