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Albion Roofing Services offers high quality EPDM rubber roofing all across Glasgow and Paisley.

New EPDM Rubber Roofing

Durable, flexible, protective – there’s a lot to like about EPDM rubber roofing.

While it’s true that there are all sorts of roof styles to choose from, an EPDM rubber roof can protect your property for up to 25 years. For many customers, this would be reason enough to make their decision, but there’s more to rubber roofs than how long they last.

EPDM rubber roof

Unlike other styles of roof, the installation of an EPDM rubber roof is relatively quick.

Excellent news for those customers who want their roof installation to be painless. After all, the faster the installation – the sooner the roofers can leave!

Your convenience is something we respect, so our roofers will always look to minimise the disruption that comes with a new roof installation. EPDM rubber roofs make this easy as we can have the roof installed in double-quick time.

Benefits of rubber roofing:

When you make the decision to install a rubber roof, you’ll benefit from all of the following;

  • Seamless, reliable installation.
  • Widely used product across the world.
  • Eco-friendly compound.
  • Low maintenance costs
EPDM rubber roof

Fast, easy installations

For EPDM rubber roofing – the secret is out. The popularity of the product has soared across the developed world, with the USA and UK being particularly popular.
Rubber Roofing

Affordable rubber roofing

For a product with so many features, it would be fair to assume that rubber roofs come with a premium price attached. In reality, rubber roofs are comparable in price to their bitumen felt roof counterparts – and cheaper than most others.
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